Desalination Laboratories: These laboratories are equipped with small and pilot-scale systems for various desalination technologies including the emerging forward osmosis (FO) along with the various membrane casting capabilities. These laboratories are closely linked with the membrane development and analysis laboratory to develop new advanced technologies that will enable safe and adequate supply of water.

Membranes Development and Analysis Laboratories: The focus of these laboratories is to develop membrane based technologies for addressing global water and energy issues in a sustainable manner. These laboratories enable us to conduct fundamental research and industrial technology transfer in the fields of seawater desalination, wastewater reuse and oil/water separation.

Environmental Analytical Chemistry and Subsurface Science Laboratories: The focus in these laboratories is to develop new methodologies for research and scientific discoveries for a better understanding of water security, water reuse and environmental challenges and to provide ground-breaking and sustainable analytical solutions. These laboratories are equipped with dedicated analytical tools optimized specifically for ultra-trace (ng/L) determination to fully understand the unknown processes driving environmental systems and flow cells and simulation programs focusing on comparing the experimental and simulated data.