Cleanroom Facilities: Cleanroom facilities include photolithography systems with sub-micron resolution using conventional as well as direct-write systems, physical vapor deposition (PVD) systems for metals and dielectric thin films, furnaces for chemical vapor deposition (CVD) as well as other thermal processes, inductively coupled plasma (ICP) systems for reactive ion etching (RIE) of metals and dielectrics, a Bosch process based deep reactive ion etch (DRIE) system for bulk silicon micromachining, ion based etch/deposition (IBE/D) tools, dedicated acid and solvent fume hoods with wet benches, wafer bonding and wire bonding systems, and semiconductor process characterization and metrology tools like optical microscopes and a surface profilometer.

Chemical Imaging and Characterization Laboratories: These laboratories provide state-of-the-art spectroscopy and microscopy capabilities and advice to address the scientific needs associated with the energy, water security and environmental challenges. The capabilities include nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), surface characterization capabilities, electron microscopy capabilities and optical capabilities. These instruments offer extraordinary spatial and energy resolution for chemical imaging and analysis along with three dimensional imaging compositional analysis.