Water Quality Laboratory

The specific mission of Water Quality Lab is to develop new and advanced methodologies for research and to make scientific discoveries for a better understanding of Qatar’s water security, water reuse and associated environmental challenges. We are able to provide ground breaking and sustainable analytical solutions. With our high-end analytical tools optimized specifically for ultra-trace (ng/L) determination, we are performing elemental and molecular fingerprint, elemental/heavy metals speciation, elemental imaging and VOCs and semi VOCs screening. It tackles the comprehensive understanding of unknown processes driving environmental systems, new material efficiency, and the scientific questions of the research community.

The Aerosols and Wet Chemistry Lab: This lab houses calibration stations for air quality instruments; chemical preparation capabilities for our suit of wet chemistry instruments; and analytical tools for preparation of calibration standards. We also perform air quality monitoring and tests for instrument performance after customizations and/or repairs. The area also houses our ozone sonde calibration station; data server which collects data continuously from our Air Quality Monitoring Stations; prototyping station with 3D printing capabilities; and our instrument maintenance, repair and customization station with a suite of mechanical and electronic tools. We are also developing a small chamber for testing the performance of special instruments under typical environmental conditions observed in the region.