Photovoltaics (PV) Characterization and Chemistry Laboratory

In the Photovoltaics (PV) Characterization and Chemistry Lab we are able to perform optical, electrical, and microscopic characterization of organic and inorganic semiconductor materials. We mainly work on silicon and hybrid organic-inorganic materials for solar applications, but we can also measure samples for other QEERI projects. In this lab, we perform some steps that are part of the preparation of a hybrid organic-inorganic based solar cell. We have basic tools, such as a spin-coater and a wet bench under a fume-hood that allow us to perform chemical synthesis. We are also equipped with a DC and RF magnetron sputtering and a thermal evaporation unit.


Material and Membrane Laboratory

This advanced membranes lab at CNA-Q is dedicated to advance the cutting-edge research in this area. The activities of the lab covers all aspects of membranes research including fabrication, modification, modelling, testing, and integration of different membranes for water desalination, capacitive deionization, purification and reuse, as well as catalysis and energy applications.

The lab is equipped with: Nanomaterials synthesis tools, membrane casting equipment, membrane test cells with automated data acquisition system, surface area and porosity analyser, automated force tensiometer, electrochemical potentiosataes, electrochemical scanning electrochemical microscope, and biofouling testing.