Full List of Publications


  • Bachelor in Materials Science, University of Metz, France, 1983
  • Master      in Physics and Mechanics of Materials, University of Metz, France, 1984
  • Ph.D.  in Physics and Mechanics of Materials, University of Metz, France, 1987
  • Habilitation degree in Physics and Mechanics of Materials, University of Metz, France, 1995

Professional Experience

Dr. Said Ahzi joined QEERI on August 2014. He comes from the University of Strasbourg where he held a position as distinguished full Professor (Exceptional Class-1). Dr. Said Ahzi received his PhD (1987) and Habilitation (1995) degrees in Physics and Mechanics and of Materials, both from the University of Metz, France. In January 2000, he joined the University of Strasbourg - France, Faculty of Physics and Engineering. He holds an Adjunct Professor position with the School of Materials Science and Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta – USA. He also was an associate research member with TEMA laboratory at the University of Aveiro, Portugal. From 1995 to 2000, he held the position of Professor (Assistant Professor then Associate Professor) at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Clemson University, SC, USA. He spent four years (1991-1995) as Research Scientists/Lecturer at the Department of Applied Mechanics and Engineering Sciences at the University of California at San Diego, USA. From 1987 to 1991, he held a position as Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MA-USA. 


  • Distinguished Professor (Professor Exceptional Class-1), September 1, 2010.

Selected Publications

  • B. Mortazavi, O. Benzerara, H. Meyer, J. Bardon, S. Ahzi; “Combined molecular dynamics-finite element multiscale modeling of thermal conduction in graphene polymer nanocomposites”; Carbon, Vol. 60, pp. 356-365, 2013
  • K. Wang, S. Ahzi, R. Matadi Boumbimba, N. Bahlouli, F. Addiego, Y. Rémond; “Micromechanical modeling of elastic behavior of a polypropylene based organoclay nanocomposites under a wide range of temperatures and strain rates/frequencies”; Mechanics of Materials, Vol. 64, pp. 56-68, 2013.
  • W. Pan, D. Li, A. Tatakovski, M. Khaleel and S. Ahzi, “A new  soothed particle hydrodynamics for the simulation of friction stir welding of Mg alloys”, International Journal of Plasticity, Vol. 48, pp. 189-204 2013
  • M. Baniassadi, S. Ahzi, H. Garmestani, D. Ruch  and  Y. Remond. “New approximate solution for N-point correlation functions for heterogeneous materials”, Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, Vol. 60, Issue 1, pp. 104-119, 2012.