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  • Mechanical Engineering Degree from Middlesex University, London, UK. 1985-1986
  • PhD on Rotating Machinery, from Kingston University, London, UK. 1989-1990 , joint  Collaboration with (Imperial College, London University & RHP research center)

Professional Experience

Starting with my last position as the head of mechanical group for Williams Advance Engineering (a branch of Williams Grand Prix Engineering Group) at QSTP in Doha, I was in charge of all R&D related activities within the group which include composite Flywheel analysis & design, support bearing systems analysis & design as well as rotor stability & dynamic analysis. I developed the 100,000 RPM Motor / Generator unit KERS system (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) for Williams Grand Prix Engineering, WF1.The unit was designed to be integrated with the Renault engine in preparation for 2014 race season. 

Designed & analysed a unique thermal management solution for Harley Davidson “e-bike” project (IP application submitted).  Over the last 25 years, I have acted as Chief Rotor-Dynamist for Dyson Limited, Engineering Design Manager for Turbo GenSet Company, Chief Designer for Rye Machinery and Senior Lecturer at Brunel University in UK & Sari University in Iran. In brief

  • Designed and developed over 25 internationally known & marketed products (from concept to completion) such as multitude of CNC machine tools for Rye Machinery, Axial & Radial Generator for Turbo Genset, high speed electric motors for Dyson (hand dryer & hand held Vacuum unit), KERS system for Williams F1, etc.
  • Successfully directed & lead numerous teams on a range of R&D projects from concept to completion.
  • Successfully supervised numerous post graduate & PhD students through to completion.

Invented over 7-patents applications ranging from machinery design to component level products in machine tool, Energy and consumer industries as well as 2 recent submission in Water processing & desalination.


  • [Won ImechE’s PE publishing award for 2002]

Selected Publications

  •  “Bearing induced vibration in precision high speed routing spindles
     Int.J.Mach Tools Des & Manu 40 (2000) 561-577
  • Vibration modeling of rotating spindles supported by lubricated bearings
     TRANS ASME, J of Tribology, Vol 124, Jan 2002.
  • On the performance of multi-support spindle-bearing assemblies
    Proc Instn Mech. Engrs, Part K: J-Multi- body dynamics 2002, 216(K2), 117-132.
  • [Won ImechE’s PE publishing award for 2002]
  • On the effects of bearing settings on the dynamic performance of a three-bearing machine tool spindle
    Proc Instn Mech. Engrs, Part K: J-Multi- body dynamics 2002, 216(K2), 133-14
    [Won ImechE’s PE publishing award for 2002]