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Bachelor, Solid  State Physics, University of Constantine, 1977
Master’s Degree on “Impurity diffusion of Co and Mg in pure and chromium doped nickel oxide"., University of Paris Orsay, France, 1980,
PhD on “Study of Electrical Properties of Grain Boundaries in Germanium by EBIC technique”, University of Paris Orsay, France, 1988,

Professional Experience

Nouar Tabet received his PhD in Materials Sciences from University of Orsay Paris XI, France. His research interests include solar cells, nanomaterials and their applications, He is leading the PV Grand Challenge Program  at QEERI. He is recipient of Al-Marai Prize for Innovation in Physics, 2004, the  “Research Excellence Award” of King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) in 2011 He served as Rector of the University of Constantine, Algeria,  member of the scientific council of KFUPM and as leader of the Solar Cell Research Group at the Center of Research Excellence in Renewable Energies (CoRERE), KFUPM. He published more than 80 journals papers and delivered a similar number of conference communications.  He authored one book (2013) and edited another  (2007) on nanotechnology and its applications.He contributed to the development of the national strategic plan for Higher Education and Research for Saudi Arabia (AAFAQ Plan, 2008-2010), and to the strategic Plan of KFUPM 2012. He served as  Lead Technical Editor of the Theme issue of AJSE journal entitled “Science and Engineering at the Nanoscale”, 2010  


  • AL Marai Prize for Innovation in Physics, Saudi Arabia, 2004.
  • Research Excellence Award, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM), 2011.
  • Outstanding Services to Physics Department  and College of Science, KFUPM. 2004.

Selected Publications

  •  “Structural origins of intrinsic stress in amorphous silicon thin films”  . Eric Johlin, Nouar Tabet,  Sebasti´an Castro-Galnares, Amir Abdallah, Mariana I. Bertoni  , Tesleem Asafa, Jeffrey C. Grossman, Syed Said and Tonio Buonassisi,   Phys.Rev. B, 85, (2012) 075202.
  • “Ultra Fast Synthesis of Zinc Oxide Nanostructures  by Microwaves “  N. Tabet , R. Al Ghashani   and S. Achour,   Superlattices and Microstructures 45 (2009) 598. 
  • Ultra-fast microwave synthesis of ZnO nanowires and their dynamic response toward hydrogen gasA Qurashi, N Tabet, M Faiz, T Yamzaki Nanoscale research letters 4 (8), 948-954
  • High resolution XPS study of oxide layers grown on Ge substratesN Tabet, M Faiz, NM Hamdan, Z Hussain. Surface science 523 (1), 68-72