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  • B.Sc. Chemistry, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas, USA, 1996.
  • M.Sc. Atmospheric Science, University of Alabama in Huntsville, USA, 2004.
  • Ph.D. Atmospheric Science, University of Alabama in Huntsville, USA, 2015 – expected.

Professional Experience

Mohammed Ayoub is a Scientist and Technical Team Leader for Environment at QEERI.  He is also the Acting Research Director for the Environmental and Chemical Sciences group.  He has over 19 years’ experience in air quality and climate change impact assessment and management with a focus on environmental impacts of oil and gas production in North America and the Middle East.  He worked at the Ozone Secretariat of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) on implementation of the Vienna Convention and Montreal Protocol on substances that deplete the ozone layer.

At QEERI, Mohammed has conceived, designed and leads the operation of the environment labs, including an ozonesonde station, an ambient air quality monitoring network and the wet chemistry & aerosols lab.  The goal of the research is to characterize the local and regional atmosphere and understand the dominant photochemical reactions and meteorological regimes.

His professional organizations include the American Geophysical Union, the European Geophysical Union, American Meteorological Society, Sigma Xi and the American Chemical Society.  Mohammed has served on the organizing committees of international conferences, has been a reviewer for the Qatar National Research Fund, a mentor and a science fair judge.


  • Graduate Researcher of the Year, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Alabama in Huntsville. 2004.

Selected Publications

  • Mohammed A. Ayoub, Trends in Aerosol Optical Thickness Over the Middle East: Impacts on Solar Power Generation, Qatar Foundation Annual Research Conference, 2014. Khan, M., L. Provin, M. A. Ayoub, Y. E. Mohieldeen, A. White, M. Newchurch, A. Pour-Biazar and W. Crosson, Assessing the Impact of Atmospheric Aerosols and Clouds on Solar Power Generation, Qatar Foundation Annual Research Forum, 2013.
  • Newchurch, M. J., M. A. Ayoub, S. Oltmans, B. Johnson, and F. J. Schmidlin, Vertical distribution of ozone at four sites in the United States, J. Geophys. Res., 108(D1), 4031, doi:10.1029/2002JD002059, 2003.
  • Angevine, W. M., A. B. White, C. J. Senff, M. Trainer, R. M. Banta, and M. A. Ayoub, Urban–rural contrasts in mixing height and cloudiness over Nashville in 1999, J. Geophys. Res., 108, 4092, doi:10.1029/2001JD001061, D3, 2003.