Full list of publications


  • B. Sc.  in Solid State Physics, Annaba University, Algeria, 1989.
  • Master’s Degree in Nuclear and Particle Physics, University Grenoble I, France, 1990.
  • PhD in Theoretical Physics, University Grenoble I, France, 1994. 

Professional Experience

Dr. Mohamed E. Madjet is a Senior Scientist in the theory group at QEERI. Prior to joining QEERI in 2013, he spent two years as a research scientist at CFEL, Hamburg in Germany investigating the dynamics of ionized molecules using non-adiabatic molecular dynamics. He obtained his PhD in theoretical physics from Grenoble University in France, after which he spent several years working as a researcher in a number of research institutes in France and Germany. He has over 60 scientific papers covering a number of topics on ground and excited state properties of atoms, molecules and nanoparticles.


  • Awarded a French-Algerian cooperation fellowship for graduate studies, 1989-1993

Selected Publications

  • Intermolecular Coulomb Couplings from Ab Initio Electrostatic Potentials , M.E. Madjet, A. Abdurahman and T. Renger, J. Phys. Chem B 110, 17268 (2006).
  • Ultrafast dynamics of photoionized acetylene, M.E. Madjet, O. Vendrell and R. Santra, Phys. Rev. Lett. 107, 263002 (2011)
  • Time Delay in the Recoiling Valence Photoemission of Ar Endohedrally Confined    in C60, G. Dixit, H.S. Chakraborty and M.E. Madjet, Phys. Rev. Lett.  111, 203003 (2013)
  • Core-level transient absorption spectroscopy as a probe of electron hole relaxation in photoionized 
 H+(H2O)n,   Z. Li. M.E. Madjet, O. Vendrell and R. Santra, Faraday Discus. 171, 457 (2014).