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  • Ph.D. in Physics, Universidad Nacional de La Plata. Argentina. 1992
  • B.S. in Physics, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba. Argentina. 1985

Professional Experience

Dr. Carignano worked in Purdue University (USA), Lund University (USA), University of Delaware (USA) and Northwestern University (USA). He has numerous publications in many subjects of physical chemistry and material sciences, including polymer solutions, polymer brushes, self-assembled systems, interfaces, biological systems, drug delivery systems, protein/surface interaction, polyelectrolytes, gels and viscoelastic properties, water, ice and its interfaces, plastic crystals, organic-inorganic perovskites, force-field development and atmospheric chemistry.

Selected Publications

  • "Thermal Effects on CH3NH3PbI3 Perovskite From Ab-Initio Molecular Dynamics Simulations" M.A. Carignano, A. Kachmar and J. Hutter,
    J. Phys. Chem. C 119 (2015) doi:10.1021/jp510568n
  • "Ab Initio Study of the Reaction of Ozone with Bromide Ion"
    I. Gladich, J.S. Francisco, R.J. Buszek, M. Vazdar, M.A. Carignano and P.B. Shepson
    J. Phys. Chem. A 119 (2015) doi:10.1021/jp5101279
  • "Structure and dynamics of [PF6][P1,2,2,4] from molecular dynamics simulations”
    M.A. Carignano,
    J. Phys. Chem. B 117, 15176-15183 (2013). doi:10.1021/ jp407648b
  • ''Effective Attractive Range and Viscoelasticity of Colloidal Gels"
    P.H.S. Santos, O.H. Campanella and M.A. Carignano
    Soft Matter 9 709-714 (2013) doi:10.1039/C2SM26585K