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  • BSc in Chemistry – Physics University of Pau, Pau, FRANCE. 1998
  • MSs on Chemistry – Physics, University of Pau, Pau, FRANCE. 1999
  • Research Master’s Degree (DEA) on Environment and Material Sciences, University of Pau, Pau, FRANCE. 2000
  • PhD on Environment and Material Sciences, University of Pau, Pau, FRANCE. 2003
  • Habilitation on Analytical Sciences and Mass Spectrometry, University of Pau, Pau, FRANCE. 2012

Professional Experience

He joined the CNRS and an analytical chemistry, Bio-inorganic and environment lab in Pau (France). He joined QEERI in April 2014, He is the Water Quality technical lead in the Environment & Chemistry group (Water Division). He is acting as Lab Space Manager of Water Quality & Atmospheric Lab. He is a leading mass spectrometry, chromatography expert with more than 15 years of international experience in tracers, biomarkers and emerging pollutants in water and geological storage. He’s also an analytical sciences specialist in trace element speciation in the environment and biological material. He supervised PhD students from France and outside. He has 28 publications, hindex=14, 595 citations, 21 peer-reviewed oral communications and 3 plenary lectures. He was PI of 2 international patents, 1 Invention disclosure, 10 industrial research contracts and more than 20 major analytical developments or expertises for academics, environment monitoring, and industry applications. He was international expert for training Qatar Staff of MoE central laboratories (2012-2013). He is one of the expert belonging to DREAL (French local MoE) for CO2 geological storage pilot survey.


  • Otto Hutzinger Award. 2002

Selected Publications

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