Research Interests

Dr. Samara is interested in the metrology development for semiconductors and thin film, optical characterization, defect detection and lab operations.



  • Electrical Engineering, University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan. 1999
  • Master’s Degree on Applied Physics, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA, 2001
  • PhD on Optical Science and Engineering, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA, 2005


Professional Experience

Dr. Ayman Samara is a Senior Scientist at the Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute (QEERI). Dr. Samara has a PhD. In Optical Science and Engineering from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with focus on Optical Metrology. In 2005 Dr. Samara joined Intel’s Technology Manufacturing Group (TMG) in Portland, Oregon as a process development engineer focusing on developing the critical dimensioning and overlay metrology for the lithography process on the 45 and 32 nm technology nodes.  In 2009 Dr. Samara moved to Intel’s Assembly and Test Technology Development (ATTD) group in Arizona to become the metrology development and operations manager of the assembly materials characterization lab, where he was involved in developing innovative optical metrology techniques and tools, and providing metrology services to Intel’s assembly factories worldwide. In summer of 2014 Dr. Samara joined the American University of the Middle East in Kuwait as an Assistant  professor of Electrical Engineering for one year before he Joined QEERI in June 2015. 



  • Intel TMG manufacturing sustaining excellence award, 2007 
  • Intel ATTD Innovation Recognition Award, 2012.
  • Intel ATTD Innovation Recognition Award, 2013.


Selected Publications

  • "Three-dimensional inline inspection for substrate warpage and ball grid array coplanarity using stereo vision", Applied optics 53 (14), 3101-3109, 2014
  • "Reducing uncertainty of wettability measurements through controlled sessile droplet deposition: Current issues", Annual Proceedings of American Society for Precision Engineering (ASPE) Conference, pages 472-475. ISBN 978-1-887706-61-2. 2012
  • “Moiré and Fringe Projection Technique for the Measurement of Form, Waviness and Roughness” Proceedings of the SPIE 50th Annual International Symposium on Optics and Photonics, Recent Developments in Traceable Dimensional Measurements III Conference, San Diego, August 2005.