Full list of publications


  • BS. Physics and Chemistry University, Mohamed V Morocco 1971-1975
  • MSc in Solid State Electronic University Bourgogne, France. 1976

Doctorate in Solid State Electronic University Bourgogne, France. May 1979

  • Habilitation Hahn-Meitner-Institute / Berlin Germany 1983-1987

Professional Experience

Before joining QEERI, Dr. Ennaoui served as head of a research group and project leader in Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin. Over 30 years' experience in the set-up and operation of state-of-the-art capabilities for processing advanced materials and emerging solar cells. R&D and management of several EU FP6/FP7 and BMBF German project. Successful feasibility studies financed by the industry for the fabrication of thin film CIGSS and CZTSS solar cell. Fabrication of high efficiency (over 16%) Cd-free CIGSS solar cell and reducing the Fab to Lab gap (Modules 1.20mx0.60m with 13% efficiency). Dr. Ennaoui has over 25 years teaching experience as full professor of physics, University Mohamed V and visiting Professor, teaching at Osaka University advanced courses in electroplating of binary and ternary compounds and PV application. Editorial Board of Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, editor of 3 special issues in this journal, authored > 200 research papers (h-index 33) and 3 patents. He was the president of the scientific council of Moroccan Solar Energy Institute. Expert Pool Member EU PV Technology Platform. Evaluation of research proposal for Technology Foundation STW and for the Schweizerische Nationalfonds (SNF) program sinergia.


  • 3Y Fellowship for Habilitation at HMI 1983-1986
  • Honorary Visiting Professor University Osaka 2009-2013
  • EU projects FP5/FP6/FP7 (Joule II, CIS-Line, NEBULES, ATHLET, CHEETAH) 1995-2015
  • BMBF projects NEUMAS and NANOPV 2011-2014
  • Feasibility Study Industry Project 2006-2008

Selected Publications

  • X. Lin, R. Klenk, L. Wang, T. Köhler, J. Albert, S Fiechter, A. Ennaoui. 11.3% efficiency Cu (In, Ga)(S, Se) 2 thin film solar cells via drop-on-demand inkjet printing, Energy & Environmental Science (2016) 9 (6), 2037-2043
  • Xianzhong Lin,  Jaison Kavalakkatt , Martha Ch. Lux-Steiner , and Ahmed Ennaoui, Inkjet-Printed Cu 2 ZnSn(S, Se) 4 Solar Cells, Advanced Sciences (2015), DOI: 10.1002/advs.201500028
  • Bernhard Reinhold,, Martina Schmid, Dieter Greiner, Manuel Schüle,, David Kieven, Ahmed Ennaoui and, Martha Ch. Lux-Steiner, Monolithically interconnected lamellar Cu(In,Ga)Se2 micro solar cells under full white light concentration, Prog. Photovolt: Res. Appl. (2015); DOI: 10.1002/pip.2611
  • Xianzhong Lin , Ahmed Ennaoui, Sergui Levcenko, Thomas Dittrich, Jaison Kavalakkatt, Steffen Kretzschmar, Thomas Unold, Martha Ch Lus-Steiner, Defect study of CuZnSn(SSe) thin film absorbers using photoluminescence and modulated surface photovoltage spectroscopy, Appl. Phys. Lett. 106, 013903 (2015)
  • Xianzhong Lin Jaison Kavalakkatt, Ahmed Ennaoui, Martha Ch. Lux-Steiner, Cu2ZnSn(S, Se)4 thin film absorbers based on ZnS, SnS and Cu3SnS4 nanoparticle inks: Enhanced solar cells performance by using a two-step annealing process, Solar Energy Material and solar Cells, (2015) Vol. 132, 211-229