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  • Bachelor in Metallurgy & Materials Sciences Engineering from GIK Institute, Pakistan in 2007
  • MS in Mechanical Engineering from Jeju national University, Korea in 2010
  • PhD in Mechatronics Engineering from Jeju National University, Korea in 2014

Professional Experience

Adnan Ali joined QEERI as a Postdoc in April 2014. In 2006, Dr. Adnan Ali completed internship at Pakistan Tobacco Company (PTC) during my bachelor studies. In 2007, after completing his graduation at GIK Institute of Sciences & Technology in 2007, he joined there as lab engineer in early 2008. In 2010, he continued as a researcher at the Jeju National University, South Korea, after his master’s degree graduation. In 2010, during his PhD he served as intern in a PARU Electronics Company for 2 semesters on piezo inkjet printing technique to print RFID on flexible substrates. After completion of his PhD, Ali continued working in the same lab Advanced Micro Mechatronics Lab as researcher.


  • Best Poster Award at TMS,MEMA Conference, 2015
  • Presidential Award for an Outstanding Academic paper, 2013
  • Brain Korea 21 (BK 21) Project Studentship, 2008
  • Project of the Year Award in Career Fair of 2007
  • 2nd position in college FSc (Pre Engineering) 2002 

Selected Publications

  • Randomly Oriented Graphene Flakes Film Fabrication from Graphite Dispersed in Nmethyl- pyrrolidone by using Electrohydrodynamic Atomization Technique
  • Direct fabrication of graphene/zinc oxide composite film and its characterizations
  • Effect of Poly(4-vinylphenol) Concentration Increase on Deposition rate of Dielectric Thin Film Fabrication by Using Electrohydrodynamic Atomization
  • Electrode Configuration Effects on Electrification and Voltage Variation in Electrostatic Inkjet Printing Head