Research Interests

Thermal systems design, integration and control, energy efficiency, alternative energy, energy security, design for sustainability, smart integration of energy management and automation technologies.


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  • Doctorate of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering (Graduated with Distinction). Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, California, USA
  • Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering. University of California, Davis, California, USA
  • B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. University of Portland, Portland, Oregon, USA

Professional Experience

Dr. Abdlmonem Beitelmal joined QEERI in 2014 to focus on thermal systems and energy efficiency research, design and integration. Before joining QEERI, He served as an associate professor with the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Santa Clara University from January 2009 till December 2013. Earlier in his career, Dr. Beitelmal spent nine years at Hewlett-Packard Laboratories in Palo Alto California. Initially he worked on developing new cooling and packaging technologies at the system level. Later Dr. Beitelmal moved to a larger scale projects focusing on data center power and cooling research, design and integration. This research resulted in a suite of technologies notably HP Dynamic Smart Cooling products and services such as the data center carbon emission calculator “Quick calculator”. He led the automated data center perforated tiles (smart-tiles) research that resulted in market-ready product for data centers. He served as a member of the Sustainable IT Ecosystem Laboratory at HP Labs focusing on the creation of a sustainable, environmentally friendly IT systems. Dr. Beitelmal has authored or co-authored over 57 granted patents.


Selected Publications

  • Beitelmal. A.H., Fabris, D., Kiriu, R., “Solar-Powered Water Distillation System,” ASME/IMECE 2013, San Diego, CA, NOV 2013.
  • Smith, J., Bidwell, B., Beitelmal, A.H., Hight, T., “Formula Electric System: Thermal Management Design,” ASME/IMECE 2013, San Diego, CA, NOV 2013.
  • Allison, M., Claggett, K., Hopson, S., Villa, D., Beitelmal, A.H., Hight, T., “Formula Electric System: Design and Integration,” ASME/IMECE 2013, San Diego, CA, NOV 2013.
  • Beitelmal, A.H., Fabris, D., “Introducing Energy Efficiency Metrics for Server and Data Center,” ASME/IMECE 2011, Denver, CO, Nov. 2011.

Selected Patents

  1. Manipulating environmental conditions in an infrastructure  8,639,651 
  2. Microcontroller for controlling an actuator, no. 7,902,966
  3. Correlation of airflow delivery devices and air movers, no. 7,682,234
  4. Small form factor air jet cooling system, no. 7,361,081
  5. Multi-load thermal regulating system with multiple serial evaporators, no. 6,926,078

Selected Technical Reports

  1. Beitelmal, M.H. and Patel C.D., “Smart System,” HP Labs Technical Report, 2007.
  2. Beitelmal, M.H., Patel, C.D., “Building a High Density Data Center,” HP Labs Technical Report, no. HPL-2006-68, 2006.
  3. Beitelmal, M.H., Patel, C.D., “Model-Based Approach for Optimizing a Data Center Centralized Cooling System,” HP Labs Technical Report, no. HPL-2006-67, 2006. View Full Text: