As Qatar becomes more dependent on desalinated seawater to satisfy its high demand for potable water, QEERI is looking for solutions to secure Qatar’s water supply. The Desalination and Water Treatment research in QEERI focuses on:

  • Design, Development and Fabrication of Membranes for Water Treatment and Desalination Technologies.
  • Feasibility of using Forward Osmosis (FO) for Multi-Stag-Flash Desalination pre-treatment.
  • Characterization, Optimization and Implementation of a Novel Forward Osmosis Based Seawater Desalination Process.
  • Hybrid desalination and water treatment systems, new membranes and processes, advanced pre-treatment methods and tools for water reuse and groundwater recharge.
  • Constrains on Desalination Plants and the Challenge to Water Security.

In addition to the GC research projects, few “seed” projects are being developed to explore additional promising concepts.