Over the last three decades, there was considerable effort by the national utility agencies to provide the clean water to households, industries, and commercial enterprises. The water network is reliable and robust. The continuous increase in demand pushed the agencies to expand the water production and distribution network infrastructure. Too much effort into the supply-side dwarfed and sometimes ignored the demand side of the equation. Lately, the government and the utility agencies realized the sheer importance of demand management after a long-pushed threshold limit.

QEERI’s Water Conservation and Demand Management Project aims to develop water information technologies – tools, products and services to better monitor and manage Qatar’s water resources; provide advice to governments, communities and the resource sector on water availability, management options, trade-offs, risks and the direct, indirect and cumulative impacts; increase understanding of the values, beliefs and possible behavioral changes of citizens towards water resources.

QEERI will achieve these goals through the development/deployment of new water conservation tools/appliances in the system and monitor the performance; demonstrations of new water management techniques in agricultural farms, households and industries; and working with community members and government stakeholders in water-saving practices at households and industry.