The groundwater aquifer receives less than 40 million m3 per year as natural recharge, whereas abstraction is more than 220 million m3 per year, mainly used for agriculture. As a result, the water table has dramatically dropped to unprecedented levels and salinity increased, in addition to other adverse environmental impacts. The groundwater recharge project aims at artificially storing water in the aquifer for future use. The stored water should be of acceptable quality (mainly desalinated water) and should be enough quantitatively to meet the domestic needs of the State of Qatar in case of an emergency. When completed, the recharge project will serve as a national secure water reservoir, which is not exposed to contamination or quick depletion.

QEERI research focuses on:

The artificial recharge project requires full understanding of aquifer hydrogeology, groundwater flow and geochemistry, due to complexity of these factors. A groundwater flow model is to be built for Qatar to understand the flow regime in the aquifers. Lab and filed testing and analysis will follow to revise, and update the flow model and to feed in actual measurements results.

  • Ground water flow modelling
  • Property measurement and multi-scale model