QEERI’s Energy Efficiency Program is a recent initiative that seeks to promote energy efficiency in buildings, without sacrificing the comfort, health, and safety of building occupants. Consistent with sustainability and environmental goals described in Qatar National Vision 2030, the initiative will develop technologies that enhance the utilization of renewable energies, utilize environmentally preferable materials, reduce waste, and use energy and water resources efficiently throughout the building’s life cycle. The need for improved energy efficiency is significant: commercial and residential buildings in rapidly growing Qatar currently account for approximately 60% of total electricity consumption, and thus represents a large portion of the carbon footprint of the nation. The energy efficiency program includes a plan to engage with stakeholders through workshops and roundtable meetings and deployment partners through managed demonstration vehicles and pilots projects. QEERI will pursue projects in buildings energy efficiency that include green building design, energy-efficient cooling, building envelopes for new and existing structures, windows, sensors and controls, demand response, power monitoring, and building energy modeling.