Aligned with Qatar’s 2030 National Vision to develop a sustainable and diversified knowledge-based economy, QEERI is focussed on addressing the grand challenges associated with energy and water. Qatar’s rapid population and economic growth has led to ever-increasing demands for electricity. Without steps to secure additional sustainable energy sources, such as solar energy, and to reduce consumption, the economy and the environment will be adversely affected within the next few years. The use of solar energy will provide Qatar with better business opportunities to use its strategic natural resources, Gas and Oil, to stimulate further economic growth.

The overall objective of the Energy Security Grand Challenge is to support the State of Qatar on the deployment of 1GW photovoltaic power into the electrical grid in Qatar by 2020 through research and development that are tailored to buy down the technical risks associated with the injection of an inherently intermittent source of power into the electrical grid. Our Grand Challenges projects on energy security concentrate on four thrust areas: