The Desalination and Water Treatment Group focuses on the material and process development for both thermal and membrane desalination, with an interrelated research strategy. The desalination group is taking the lead on 4 out of 8 Grand Water Challenge projects in order to materialize QEERI’s “Lab-to-Field” vision. Hybridization of thermal and membrane desalination, from individual processes to a combined process train, is another important focus of the group. The unique near-commercial scale material production and process development facilities bring the desalination group to an internationally competitive stage. 

The group entails of two main teams:

Thermal Desalination Team

The thermal desalination team is focused on the development and optimization of the thermal desalination processes (MSF, MED-TVC, and MVC) and the process-based hybridization with the membrane desalination processes (RO, NF, FO, and MD). Absorption and solar desalination are also amongst the subjects of interest. With recognized academic and industrial experts, the thermal desalination team is capable of developing optimized solutions for the shortcomings of the existing desalination technologies in Qatar, and offering long-term desalination solutions by developing novel thermal/hybrid desalination processes. The latest process simulation software and state of the art testing facilities enable the team to achieve the proof of concept for these innovative thermal desalination processes. The activities associated with the team in the recent past include numerous publications in internationally renowned journals and conferences. Furthermore a number of process designs as well as simulation software have been patented and/or registered for Intellectual Property.

Membrane Desalination Team

The membrane desalination team consists of internationally recognized experts in membrane and process development. The capabilities of the membrane desalination team have given QEERI the opportunity to develop, produce, and test state-of-the-art membranes on and off site, from bench to demo scale. The team has the expertise and experimental set-up for developing a wide range of membrane materials including, but not limited to, hollow fiber, TFC, stimuli responsive polymers, nano-composite, graphene, and myxene. Additionally, the membrane desalination team has expertise in the area of process development, covering most of the membrane desalination processes, from pre-treatment to brine disposal. The team’s main areas of focus, in terms of process development, can be summarized as: oxidative floatation, AOP, salinity gradients systems (PRO/FO), MD and/or IX hybrid processes, and ZLD. The team has well adopted the “Lab-to-Field” vision of QEERI, by implementing step-by-step proof of concept approach (Theoretical -> Fundamental -> Bench -> Scale-up).