The Environmental and Chemical Sciences group is made up of the Analytical Chemistry and Water Quality; and Environment, Climate Change and Atmospheric Science teams. The teams’ research focuses on understanding the links between the environment and the quality of the water resources available to the State of Qatar. Namely, looking at the impacts of air quality and climate change on water quality and characterizing the natural and anthropogenic contaminants within the water.

The group facilities include laboratories equipped with high-end instrumentation, ambient air quality monitoring stations, a highbay facility for launching weather balloons and ozonesondes and a mobile station equipped with analyzers to study the radical and water chemistry of the atmosphere. Research staff also has access to high performance computing clusters for modeling of regional atmospheric and climate dynamics

Analytical Chemistry and Water Quality team

Analytical Chemistry and Water Quality team

Analytical Chemistry and Water Quality team provides the required expertise in analytical characterization/determination of the EcoDynamics of contaminants, natural occurring radioactive materials, biomarkers/tracers and risk assessments. The primary scientific goals of the team are to determine the origin and study the behavior of contaminants, impurities and tracers in different environments and matrices (with a focus on various water resources), and to understand the efficiency of new membranes and other new technologies relative to water treatment.

The team is developing new approaches in analytical and environmental sciences to describe past and present environmental conditions and to predict future critical situations. The future of emerging contaminants and their relative metabolites in the dynamic environment will be tackled by a synergy between high-end instrumentation, understanding of the chemical fingerprint and the highly qualified expert staff. The team’s research objectives are focused at the forefront of the unknown and on trace and ultra-trace speciation for sustainable and integrated management of Qatar’s water resources.

Environment, Climate Change and Atmospheric Science Team

The team provides mission driven research in atmospheric science and climate change impact assessment & adaptations.  The research drivers focus on understanding the gas and aerosol chemistry of the regional atmosphere, stochastic and deterministic modeling and impacts assessment and adaptations within the context of a changing climate.  This is achieved through ambient monitoring for exposure sciences and long-term climate trends, studying the organic radical and water chemistry of the local atmosphere, secondary organic aerosol formation, vertical profiling, regional chemical transport modeling and regional/urban climate change modeling and impact assessment.

The team contributes to the understanding of climate change induced modulation of air quality and rainfall patterns and their impacts on the sustainability of Qatar’s water, energy and food security efforts along with the associated human health impacts.