QEERI’s Measurements Science and Analytics Group include research expertise and experimental capabilities in the following areas:

  • Solar and Atmospheric Sciences: Solar mapping and solar radiation resource assessment and forecasting; Renewable energy sources measurement and instrumentation techniques.
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) and remote sensing capabilities in support of data collection for experimental research in areas such as solar mapping & forecasting, and groundwater modelling. This includes: Geo-database architecture; GIS software development; GIS-based Decision Support Systems; and Satellite, radiometers, photometer, LIDAR and RADAR technologies.
  • Battery management: measurements and charging control.
  • Smart Grid: Energy efficiency, reliability and sustainability through demand response; Smart Grid and Renewable Energy integration; Micro-grid and smart grid demonstrations and simulations; Power electronics (converters and inverters); Smart-grid control systems
  • Computing and analytics for energy and water security research: Information Systems; Data Mining; Big Data Storage; Social Media Analytics.

Our equipment resources include the EUMETSAT satellite receiver system, HP DesignJet map plotter, Energy management lab, NI power electronics development kits, NI Compact RIO and NI single-board RIO.