QEERI's Special Projects group focuses on two astronomy projects sponsored by the Qatar National Research Fund:


Qatar Exoplanets Survey, aiming to find planets outside our solar system, and equip young scientists to research in this field.

The scientists in this project are experts in techniques related to image analysis and data reduction. Additionally our group has various capabilities related to scientific computing for searching for certain pattern or signal in huge amount of data. By end of 2015 the group will have three observing station across the globe and one follow up telescope. 


Fascination Astronomy, an outreach program for schools in Qatar. and the organizer of the Qatar Astronomy Olympiad 2016.

This active team fascinates students, teachers and general public with educational and hands-on activities in Astronomy, organizes the first Qatar Astronomy Olympiad to be held in 2016 and equips the students who will represent Qatar in the International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics in 2016.