The Materials Sciences and Engineering Group offers a wide range of capabilities related to the synthesis and processing of materials. Our scientists are experts in techniques related to wet-chemistry synthesis, both inorganic and organic, electrochemistry, chemical vapor deposition (CVD), spray pyrolysis, flame synthesis, electrostatic spraying, atomic layer deposition, pulsed laser deposition, DC and RF- reactive plasma sputtering, crystal growth and various other advanced synthesis techniques. Additionally our group has various capabilities related to material processing, membrane production, catalysis, and manufacturing of solar cells. These capabilities serve as a foundation in tackling the energy and water security grand challenges and provide the much needed resources for other research groups both inside and outside QEERI. 

Visit our Research Facilities section to learn about our labs: Silicon Growth Line, Membranes Lab; Catalysis, Chemical Synthesis and Processing Laboratories; Nano Structured Materials Synthesis Lab.