Qatari Trainee Program

Scientific research plays a significant role in ensuring the future sustainability of Qatar’s local human capacity. To support the nation’s sustainable development towards a knowledge based economy, QEERI promotes a culture of research and innovation amongst Qatar’s youth by offering internships and programs that aim to prepare Qatari graduates for leadership roles in scientific research. An example of this is the Qatar Research Leadership Program (QRLP) students associated with QEERI, which is currently 38 undergraduate students,  28 graduate trainees, 4 on the management track and 1 post-doc.

Lab Technicians Training Program

QEERI’s facilities are part of the Qatar Foundation Research and Development Complex (QF RDC), which will be completed  before the end of 2015. These new facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment. This highly specialized equipment will be operated by skilled, well-trained lab technicians.

QEERI’s Lab Technicians Training Program, includes in-house training in QEERI and HBKU premises followed by specialized training with international partners, such as the National Institute of Material Sciences (NIMS) in Japan.

Through an application and interview process technicians working in the local industry can become trainees. This can then lead to post training and schooling program where they can become Specialist Technician or Scientist.

If you have experience in chemical, electrical or instrumentations labs, don’t miss this opportunity. Email us your CV to . Priority is given to Qataris.